Property Exchange Networx is No.1 in Swapping, Trading & Exchanging properties in Australia. Last month we received in excess of 5,500 visits and hundreds of enquiries every week for our listed properties.List your property for trade today!

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Everything YOU Need To Find Qualified People Hungry To Trade Or Exchange Your Property, Apartment Or Land Without Sacrificing Your Price Or Cash Flow

Imagine Being Able To Trade Or Exchange Your Apartment, Land Or Property Without

Sound impossible or too good to be true? Definitely not!

In fact, Property Exchange Networx has been helping homeowners, investors, developers and other people achieve profitable property exchanges and trades everyday across Australia for over 4 years with virtually no effort required on the clients’ part.

The reasons for that are countless. Unlike other property exchange or property-trading services, Property Exchange Networx gives you Free advertising and marketing to our database of qualified hungry property traders across Australia. Also, some of our competitors insist you have to make them your sole or exclusive agency. We don’t. On top of that, we provide you with peace of mind because we have years of property exchange and trading experience and will negotiate the trade for you on your behalf, making everything quick, simple, hassle-free and easy.

Clients love our services and work with us again and again because...

They’re not continually hounded to drop their price to get nibbles. Our clients’ time, energy and money aren’t spent on people who are just looking. They don’t have to pay expensive upfront advertising. They’re also under no obligation to trade, which results in them getting the business they want. Best of all, YOU can experience the same.

Don’t let your lifestyle, profits and cash flow suffer because you can't find a buyer. Contact us today and find out how easy and affordable it can be to get our help to ‘cash in’ on your property so you can keep more of your profit and move forward in life. Phone (07) 5530 6318 NOW or complete the Quick Contact form on the right hand side of the screen without any obligation.

Why do people, homeowners, investors and developers use Property Exchange Networx?

Trading and property exchanging is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for centuries for the simple reason that it’s effective and it works. Most of our clients come to us because they are tired of trying to sell their house, land or apartment through traditional methods. They’re also frustrated with the time, money and energy they waste on advertising; with people who are just looking at the property but have no plans of buying; and with the idea that they have to drop their price. Others are sick of the inconveniences of holding open houses and are already taking a hit on their profit because they sell their property through real estate agents.

Richard and the team succeeded where others failed...

“Richard at Property Exchange Networx achieved a sale for us where no other company could. Not only did he achieve a sale for my house, he got a great price for us, and now I am in a business making money again.”
Winston Wrigley – Central Star Service Centre, Blackall

Results You Can Count On, Backed With Years Of Trading Experience

Our service to you is to find a deal that’s profitable and works for you. We’re proactive, not reactive. We will actively promote your property to our database of hot and hungry traders who will search for the deal that will suit you.

Seven reasons why people and businesses choose Property Exchange Networx

#1. NO upfront fees, no hidden costs and definitely no fine print.

#2. You get FREE advertising of your property on our website, which markets to a hungry qualified crowd of people looking to trade.

#3. We’ll actively market your property for free to our Australia wide database of hot traders

#4. We do all the negotiation between you and the other party because we know you have better things to do.

#5. We do not ask to be your sole agency or for you to deal with us exclusively, not like other trading services.

#6. Unlike traditional methods that take a flat percentage of your sales price, and then another commission on the balance of your sales price, our fee is negotiable and is dependent on the type of property being traded.

#7. We have years of property trading experience with a reputation of delivering positive outcomes to our customers that’s second to none.

Cash is always King, but...

In volatile economies and when the cash and cash buyers are not around, trading property and other assets is the cost effective, profitable and proven way to go. This is Property Exchanges Networx’s mission.

Find out how and if a trade can work for you… Complete the Quick Contact form on the right hand side now.

Don’t let your lifestyle, profits and cash flow suffer because you can't find a buyer. Contact us today, and find out how easy, profitable and affordable it can be to get our help to ‘cash in’ on your property so you can keep more of your profit and move forward in life.

It costs nothing and you are under no obligation to find out more, so call 0414 737339 NOW or complete the Quick Contact form on the right hand side of the screen.


The Property Exchange Networx team

Tourism Sales

We have listened to what our clients have been asking us to do and now we are doing it. Due to the success of Property Exchange Networx.

We now have a specialist Tourism Sales Team.

Our team have a combined 60 years of experience either selling, buying or operating Tourist Businesses. Whether it be Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Parks, Home Parks, Tour Companies or any other leisure operation.

More Info



    We have been requested by our clients to locate the above assets by way of Trade. Our clients are looking for vendors who are willing to add cash along with their Asset to purchase either Commercial or Residential Property.

    The sale price of the Asset has no limit, but whatever makes a deal work.

    If you have one of the Assets listed above and want to sell we may have have an option for you to realise your asking price.

  • Caravan or Mobile Home Park Wanted

    We have a client wanting to purchase the above properties. He is offering a trade up to 40% and will add cash for the balance
    Location is not important, but needs to be profitable and able to be run under management.


    We are regularly receiving requests from clients for cars.
    The cars that we get requests for are Ferrari, Porsche, Mercededes, BMW, Aston Martin and other luxury cars.
    Also classic & collectables cars are also requested

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