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About Property Exchange Networx: Why It Exists & The People We Help

Results You Can Count On, Backed By Years of Trading Experience

In volatile economies and when the cash and cash buyers are not around, trading property and other assets is the cost effective, profitable and proven way to go. This is Property Exchange Networx’s mission.

Our service to you involves thinking outside the box and breaking the traditional mindset and mold of buying and selling property and other assets. Simply put, we find a deal that’s profitable and works for you.

We’re proactive — not reactive — and we actively promote your property to our database of hot and hungry traders looking for that deal that will suit you.

We’d like to say that Property Exchange Networx was born for one simple reason, but it wasn’t.

We exist for numerous reasons for several different people.

Take retirees Peter and Roslyn…

Their kids have moved out, they want to travel and they don't want to be a slave to a large house or the rising costs and time of maintaining it. After 8 months of trying to sell their home using the traditional methods and almost giving up, they listed their property with us for free.

About 6 weeks later, they traded down to a smaller home and got some cash to travel as well without paying hefty agent commission fees, dropping their asking price or any of the traditional sales stress.

Then we have Julie…

She’s a white-collar professional and divorcee looking for a change of life and a view of the sea. After 16 months of trying to sell her inner city apartment through several agents and suffering from mortgagee stress, she was ready for the bank to take her apartment until a girlfriend told her about Property Exchange Networx. After 4 months of listing her property for exchange, she ended up cashing out of her apartment in the city, has the bank off her back and got a quaint seaside cabin in Evans Head, N.S.W. to live in with the exchange deal.

Meet Ben, a business owner…

He’s a retailer business owner in Perth who wanted to relocate to Queensland as his mum was ill and he wanted to be closer to her. After trying to sell his business in a tough economy climate and discovering a lack of quality cash buyers, Ben decided to try trading his business. Three months later, Ben traded his business and got another business in Queensland as part of the trade.

Then we have Robyn, Peter and Crystal…

Robyn’s dad left her a classic car that she wanted to sell. Plenty of people were interested in Robyn’s car, but no one was buying, so she exchanged the car through one of our hungry traders for a hobby farm in Northern N.S.W.

Peter had a jet ski that he no longer used, but he was sick of people making ridiculous offers so he decided to trade it for a car.

Last but not least, we have Crystal. She was looking to buy a bed-and-breakfast business but didn't have the cash equity to make the purchase so she listed her home for trade. Six months later, she’s living her dream as the owner of her own bed-and-breakfast inn on the Victorian coast of Australia and couldn't be happier.

Truth be told…

Trading and exchanging property or bartering on products and services is nothing new and has been a solid principle of commerce between people, businesses and countries for centuries because it works.

Whether you want to ‘cash in or out’ and trade or exchange property, art, cars, boats and other assets, irrespective of what the economy is, do it with Property Exchange Networx, where you are under no obligation to accept any offer of trade and listing with us is FREE.

There’s no need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on real estate advertising, no requests to keep dropping your asking price and no open homes. We do all the negotiations for you, so there’s virtually no effort required on your part at all and your asset or property is only going to hungry and qualified people looking to trade.

Don’t let your lifestyle, profits and cash flow suffer because you can't find a buyer.

Contact us today, and find out how easy and affordable it can be to get our help to ‘cash in or out’ of your property or other assets so you can keep more of your profit and move forward in life. Call us at (07) 5530 6318 NOW or complete the Quick Contact form on the right hand side of the screen without any obligation.

Tourism Sales

We have listened to what our clients have been asking us to do and now we are doing it. Due to the success of Property Exchange Networx.

We now have a specialist Tourism Sales Team.

Our team have a combined 60 years of experience either selling, buying or operating Tourist Businesses. Whether it be Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Parks, Home Parks, Tour Companies or any other leisure operation.

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    We have been requested by our clients to locate the above assets by way of Trade. Our clients are looking for vendors who are willing to add cash along with their Asset to purchase either Commercial or Residential Property.

    The sale price of the Asset has no limit, but whatever makes a deal work.

    If you have one of the Assets listed above and want to sell we may have have an option for you to realise your asking price.

  • Caravan or Mobile Home Park Wanted

    We have a client wanting to purchase the above properties. He is offering a trade up to 40% and will add cash for the balance
    Location is not important, but needs to be profitable and able to be run under management.


    We are regularly receiving requests from clients for cars.
    The cars that we get requests for are Ferrari, Porsche, Mercededes, BMW, Aston Martin and other luxury cars.
    Also classic & collectables cars are also requested

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