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Frequently Asked Questions About Property Exchange Networx - Property, Boat, Car & Asset Trading Services

No upfront costs or fees

What fees are involved if I decide to use Property Exchange Networx to trade my property?

There are no upfront costs or fees until a trade takes place. Once your property is successfully traded, our fee is an amazingly low 3% of the contract price, which is paid on the day of settlement. This saves you thousands in commission fees, since you do not have to pay an agent a flat percentage of your sale price, then another commission on the balance of your sales price. Our one-time fee is 3% on the contract price, and that’s it.

Are there any time restraints on how long I can have my property listed for trade?

No. Once your property is listed for trade, it can remain there as long as you like FREE OF CHARGE.

When I receive an offer of trade, am I under obligation to make that trade?

No. We don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics or tricks. If someone makes an offer on a trade and you feel that it’s not for you, you are under no obligation to accept that trade offer.

Residential Homeowners

What types of people use your asset and property trading services?

We have many different clients—people from all walks of life. To date, we have helped residential homeowners cash in or out and trade their home for the price they wanted.

In addition, we've also helped people such as retirees looking to ‘cash in or out’ of their property and assets. There are also people looking to trade or buy a business, property investors and developers looking to trade homes, apartments or land as well as people keen to upgrade or downsize other assets such as boats, cars, jet skis, art and loads more.

The great thing that people tell us they love about our service is that we’re not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service. Each trade is unique, each customer is unique and over the years, there isn't much we have not traded.

We succeed where others fail

Why do people use your services?

Based on what our clients tell us, there are several reasons. Some property owners can't find a buyer who has the money, especially in this volatile economy. Others are sick of trying to sell their home and being told they have to drop their price to sell it because that’s what it’s worth in the market today.

Some are sick of the inconvenience of open houses and it’s already taking a hit on their profit to pay the hefty sales commissions that agents charge and the high-priced marketing that is ineffective.

Another group is frustrated with wasting their time, energy and money on people who are only looking at the property but not really buying, and another group of clients just know that trading works and that to get the best trade and deal, they need a service of experts who have the expertise and experience to trade for them, so it is easy, hassle-free and profitable.

Richard and the team succeeded where others failed…

“Richard at Property Exchange Networx achieved a sale for us where no other company could. Not only did he achieve a sale for my house, he got a great price for us and now I am in a business making money again.” Winston Wrigley – Central Star Service Centre, Blackall

We trade Boats, Cars, Art, Commercial and more

Do you only trade property or other assets as well?

We trade property and other assets such as boats, cars, art, commercial and retail businesses and premises, land, apartments and much more. For more information about this, complete the Quick Contact form on the right or give Richard a call at 0414 737 339

How does property trade works?

Let’s say you have a property that you want to sell and have tried all the usual ways of selling your property, like through auction, expressions of interest, advertising... but still no sale.

Property trade works like this:

Step 1. You have a property that you want to sell, say, a block of land at $500K with no income and no return—equity tied up = Hard to sell in this economic climate!!!

Step 2. We have a client who has an income-producing property, which he wants to move out of because he wants some cash out and at the moment, it can be hard to get qualified buyers who are all cashed up using the traditional methods.

Step 3. We negotiate a trade deal on your behalf to suit both parties. Now, that sounds simple enough, but before that, we need to first find purchasers who will be interested in your property through our hungry database of traders.

Step 4. While this is happening, we will still actively promote your property to our database of clients, and discuss the possibilities with them. We think outside the box, are proactive instead of reactive and focus on delivering positive and profitable outcomes for everyone involved.

Step 5. Once a trade offer is made, you can either accept it or decline it.

Step 6. On the day of settlement, you pay us our 3% commission, and that’s it.

Why should I choose you over your competitors?

It’s FREE to get started and you only pay 3% commission on the contract price on the day of settlement. This means you get to keep thousands of dollars in your hands rather than parting with your hard-earned cash and paying hefty agent’s sales commissions, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

You receive FREE advertising to our hungry database of qualified traders so you’re targeting the right people who are interested on what you have to trade. On top of that, we do everything for you, including the trade negotiation, and we don't insist on pinning you down and giving us a sole listing or exclusivity, unlike some of our competitors.

Plus, we’ve been doing property and asset trading for years. You’re also under no obligation to trade if you do not want to and the entire thing requires virtually no time or effort on your part at all.

What do I need to do get started or find out more?

Everyone is different, every trade is different and you probably want more information to make an informed decision and discuss it with your partner.

So contact Richard now at 0414 737 339 NOW or complete the Quick Contact form on the right hand side of the screen to find out more. Remember that when you do contact us, you’re under no obligation to use our services so contact us now.

Some real estate agents and property or asset services insist on sole listings or exclusivity, do you?

No. You can list your property or asset for trade with our competitors and us if you like.

I noticed you also trade businesses. What types of businesses do you trade?

To date, we've successfully traded commercial and retail businesses of all shapes, sizes and incomes across Australia. To see some of these businesses and other assets currently on offer for trade, visit the home page of this website.

Tourism Sales

We have listened to what our clients have been asking us to do and now we are doing it. Due to the success of Property Exchange Networx.

We now have a specialist Tourism Sales Team.

Our team have a combined 60 years of experience either selling, buying or operating Tourist Businesses. Whether it be Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Parks, Home Parks, Tour Companies or any other leisure operation.

More Info



    We have been requested by our clients to locate the above assets by way of Trade. Our clients are looking for vendors who are willing to add cash along with their Asset to purchase either Commercial or Residential Property.

    The sale price of the Asset has no limit, but whatever makes a deal work.

    If you have one of the Assets listed above and want to sell we may have have an option for you to realise your asking price.

  • Caravan or Mobile Home Park Wanted

    We have a client wanting to purchase the above properties. He is offering a trade up to 40% and will add cash for the balance
    Location is not important, but needs to be profitable and able to be run under management.


    We are regularly receiving requests from clients for cars.
    The cars that we get requests for are Ferrari, Porsche, Mercededes, BMW, Aston Martin and other luxury cars.
    Also classic & collectables cars are also requested

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